Amazing Alchemy Writing

Year 5 have written some amazing pieces of writing based on their experience in Alchemy Island.

This is a fantastic poem written by a boy in our class.


When you think of alchemy, do you think of white lab coats?

Or lots of gold in fantasy moats?

Do think of cool equipment, special gear?

Or amazing powder that you smudge and smear?

Whatever you think whatever you hear,

Compared to this it is quite mere.


Deep in a volcano, dark and dreary,

A prickle down your spine feels quite eerie,

Far down in a bottomless pit,

Near a rock on which the lava sits.


In a desert of cactus and weeds,

Lives all the stuff to fulfill your needs,

In this kingdom there is a land,

 Far beneath the layer of sand.

Up in the air on a frozen peak,

Storms blow up all cold and bleak,

Legend tells of a magical creature,

Down on the ground with wintery features.


High up in the trees sits a special fruit,

Half nut half seed and makes you toot,

To get up and down you can travel fine,

Just grab hold of a jungle vine.


In your homes with your guilty smirks,

Never forget how this island works.