Our Annual Easter Egg Roll Finals

We ended the term with our Annual Easter Egg Roll today. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came along to support. The heats were held during the week with the top 3 from each class going on to compete in the finals. There were prizes for the longest roll and best dressed egg and for the runners up. The staff competition was, as always, hugely competitive. Once again, despite her egg being extemely beautiful, Miss Hall was disqualified as the rules clearly stated that nothing was to be stuck on the egg. (Miss Hall’s egg was a unicorn with very long plaited hair, horn and eye lashes)! Thank you to The Reverend Pauline for judging the staff eggs and congratulations to Mrs Cave for best dressed egg and to Miss Puttick for the furthest roll.

Egg Roll.jpg

This Girl Can

This week 20 of our Year 5 and Year 6 Girls attended a very special event hosted by Mr Meaney, head of PE at The Weald School. We took 3 teams - Hockey, Football and Netball and the girls played in round robin matches against other local schools. The purpose was about enjoyment, participation and getting active, rather than winning. For many of the girls, this was the first time they had ever played matches in the particular sports they were playing. We are immensely proud of all the girls that put themselves forward to take part - they all performed extremely well and their sporting skills came on in leaps and bounds in just one afternoon. The picture shows our netball team - none of these girls had ever played in a netball match until Wednesday - now they have played 4! Their skills and understanding of the game have progressed so much this week. Their coach is super proud!

This Girl Can.jpg

Netball Update

Our Netball team attended another series of matches at Collyers in Horsham this week. Every team member did their part resulting in a 4-4 draw in the fist game and a magnificent 8-3 win in the second game. As Mrs Parsons had to step in last minute to referee the matches on the other court, a particular mention toes to our ‘team mascot’ and all our parent supporters - you were the ‘extra player on the team’! Thank you.


Our Playground Project

Although the weather hasn’t been on our side this week, the team of construction workers have been doing a fantastic job installing our new playground equipment and painting new activities onto the playground. The children have had so much enjoyment already from all the new games they have been able to play. Our Netball, Hockey and Football Clubs are also really looking forward to practising with the new lines too!

Well Done to our Netball Team

A great effort by our Netball Team this week; they played 2 matches in the Horsham League, with one win and one loss. They showed amazing team spirit and some really good skills particularly around the shooting circle. Well done Team Plaistow - we look forward to the next round of matches later in March.

27th Feb 2019.jpg
Our teachers are enjoying the KS1 Disco almost as much as the children!  Thank you to PAKSA for another fantastic event!

Our teachers are enjoying the KS1 Disco almost as much as the children! Thank you to PAKSA for another fantastic event!

Internet Safety at Plaistow and Kirdford

Across this week, we have been focusing on being safe online in class and in assembly. We joined an international push to make sure children have the skills and confidence to access the internet in a safe and secure way. Today we have been holding internet safety workshops for all our children from Year 1 to 6 and this evening we are looking forward to welcoming parents and carers to a special workshop for what will be an informative and engaging session.

You just never know what will happen one day to the next ...

Yesterday morning we arrived at school to find a flatbed truck broken down in our lay-by. Our staff team quickly found a solution to the problem, setting up a one way system for traffic to ensure that all our children arrived at school safely. Thank you to all our families and buses for their understanding and co-operation. The lorry driver was very apologetic and his companion, Billy the Jack Russell Pug cross was very friendly!

Sadly, the lovely turf on the truck was destined for somewhere in Hampshire and not for us, even though we did suggest he might like to leave it here!