Privacy Notice for Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School

General Information

This privacy notice tells you what to expect us to do with your personal information when you contact us or use one of Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School’s services.

It is based upon the privacy notice used by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to help the school remain compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data/privacy legislation. The ICO privacy notice has been approved for clarity by Plain Language Commission and where possible we have actively utilized similar language and structure. A person with a reading age of at least 14 should be able to follow its main points.

This notice is layered. So, if you wish, you can easily select the reason we process your personal information and see what we do with it.

We will tell you:

  • why we are able to process your information

  • what purpose we are processing it for

  • whether you have to provide it to us

  • whether there are other recipients of your personal information

  • whether we intend to transfer it to another country, and

  • whether we do automated decision-making or profiling.


The first part of this notice is focused on the information we collect on pupils, the legal basis on which we collect it and how we share that information to meet our education/public sector obligations.

We appreciate some of the language used within the GDPR and data protection legislation can be confusing or difficult to understand, therefore we have added a description of Data Protection Terminology to help clarify terms and make the overall Privacy Notice for the school more readable and accessible.

As part of its compliance to GDPR, the school produces two key information handling documents, a high-level Data Map (see below) which documents they type of data the school processes and an Information Asset Register (IAR) which provides a much greater level of information on the legal basis against which data is processed and the controls and security measures in place.

School data map.jpeg

The second part of the notice is information we need to tell everybody.

Additional aspects of our privacy policy apply for the following:

The third part of the notice provides additional information specifically for parents and pupils of the school.

  • Subject access - Pupils and students have rights to see their personal information. They can make a request to access the personal information you hold about them. They – and their parents – also have the right to see their educational records.  

  • Taking photos in schools - The Data Protection Act does not prevent parents and teachers from taking photos of events such as the Christmas play or Sports day. Asking permission to take photos is normally enough to ensure compliance and we do this within the annual data consent form we process each year. The following ‘Recommended Good Practice’ guidance has been produced by the ICO.

The ICO provides additional information about GDPR, the Data Protection Act and Education which can be found here.