Request for Absence from Learning

Pupils are only in school for 190 days each year, please only request for absence if absolutely necessary.

  • There are 175 other days for holidays and other activities.

  • 80% attendance represents 1 day off every week.

  • 90% attendance represents 1 day off every fortnight.

How to use this form:

  • Use for the form for all absences, other than sickness. It will be submitted to the school office for procesing.

  • If your request is approved and the absence as set out below, is duly authorised, you will be notified by email within 5 working days.

  • Return to the school before the date of requested absence.

  • Please use a separate form for EACH CHILD and each absence.


  • Head teachers may NOT grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • Please read the information on the reverse of this document before completing the form.


Name of Child *
Name of Child
Absence requested from.. *
Absence requested from..
Absence requested until.. *
Absence requested until..
Is this the first request for absence this academic year? *
Current position
Green - More than 96% Satisfactory, Amber - 85% to 96% Needs improvement, Red - Less than 85% Unsatisfactory
Headteacher to complete..


Research repeatedly shows that the more time pupils spend in lessons, the more they learn! It is for this reason that the length of the school day has increased in the past few years. It is also the reason why the Headteacher takes a great deal of interest in the amount of time that pupils are absent from school, whether through illness or holidays.

  • There are thirteen weeks of school holidays for pupils.

  • The loss of learning due to holidays in school time can add up over the course of a pupil’s career.

  • Parents have no legal entitlement to remove their children from school for a family holiday. If authorisation is refused and the holiday is still taken, the absence will be marked as unauthorised in the register. This will be marked on the pupil’s record and will stay with them throughout their school career.

  • The Headteacher will not authorise absence for pupils during their end of Key Stage tests.

  • Parents must contact the school as soon as possible should anything delay their child’s return to school on the due date.

  • If a pupil fails to return on the expected date and does not have an exceptional reason, the absence will be marked as unauthorised. The school will remove the pupil from the school roll after an additional ten school days absence.