The Scrolls and the Suitcase

On Monday, Mrs Stemp came in holding a suitcase and a scroll. She said it had been left at the office for Fox Class. Inside it contained a map, a riddle and a key. The scroll was from the chief alchemist of Alchemy Island. It said we had to solve the riddle to find where he was from.

On Tuesday, we started searching the school grounds for portals to Alchemy island. We looked all around the playground; in tree trunks, the gazebo, the willow dome, through the tyres on Bertie’s boat- we even tried to make some out of sticks and leaves.

On Wednesday, a second scroll appeared along with 8 samples of materials from the island. We had to examine the materials to find their properties and match them to places on the Island.

Our last scroll appeared on Thursday with 3 jars of contaminated well water. We were asked to clean it by the chief alchemist. We sieved, filtered and evaporated and condensed it. If we send it back clean we might get another scroll with some mystery coordinates of the island.

We’re looking forward to hearing from the alchemist again.