Class 6 - Badger

All the badgers in Badger Class have to work REALLY hard all year long but they also have lots of fun along the way. As well as their annual residential trip to the Isle of Wight in the Autumn term, they also have other excursions including a visit to The Globe Theatre in London (including a hunt for centuries-old clay pipes on the Thames river bank), a trip to Petworth to help tidy the graveyard where the victims of the 1942 school bombing are buried and a fun-packed day out near the end of the Summer term.

Badger Class children are the oldest in the school and they know that, with this, comes increased responsibility, including their roles as Buddies to Robin class - they try very hard to  carry out these responsibilities to the best of their ability and all enjoy representing the school at various locality events.

The pupils of Badger Class like to make the very most of the time they have together, especially towards the end of the Summer term, before they head off to pastures new. We, at Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School, are always very sad to wave them goodbye in July (Mrs Powell ALWAYS cries!) and hope they always know they will be warmly welcomed back if ever they want to visit us again.



Likes: her own children (sometimes), her husband (very occasionally), pork scratchings (but they have to be 'just right'), people who work hard, people who show their emotions, a little place in the Lot Valley in France, West Ham, Maltesers, maps... and tool boxes.

Dislikes: Lazy people, unpunctuality (thinks it's rude), tripe, BMWs, American chocolate and tights that give her webbed legs.


teaching assistant - MRs CAVe



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