Managing contact

Restricted contact 

We may impose a restriction on your access to our services if it’s necessary to protect our staff from unacceptable behaviour.

If we do this, we’ll explain to you the restriction we have applied and why we feel it’s necessary. We’ll create a record of the restriction for administration purposes, so relevant staff members know the restriction is in place. This will include your name, contact details and a description of why we have imposed a restriction.

The decision to impose a restriction will be taken, and reviewed, by the school Head. We’ll write to you explaining why we’ve applied the restriction. We’ll review the restriction periodically. We’ll remove it if we feel your behaviour has changed or if you no longer communicate with us.

Single point of contact 

We may provide a single point of contact if you or we (or both) believe it will help to create a better outcome for all concerned.

If the information you provide us in relation to your single point of contact contains special category data, such as health, religious or ethnic information the legal basis we rely on to process it in accordances with GDPR and DPA2018

A decision will be made by the school Headto give you a single point of contact. This may be where you have several complaints and we believe it will be more efficient for us to deal with them in this way. We’ll make a record of the fact that you have a single point of contact. All relevant staff will know about using it to manage communications between our office and you. It will include your name, contact details and a description of the need to have a single point of contact. We’ll review this requirement from time to time.