We like the number 150.. and we like Sainsbury's too!!

So, after the great success resulting from our persuasive letter writing, and several trips to Pulborough’s Sainsbury’s store by Mrs Powell over half term, we now have all sorts of huge decorations with the number 150 on them, together with a (literally!) man-sized cake! Year 6 wrote fabulous letters to Sainsbury’s explaining that, as well as it being their 150th anniversary this year, it was also our school’s 150th birthday too! Sainsbury’s have been so kind and have kindly given us all their decorations; they will also be making an enormous contribution to our school celebratory party later this year. Tina, at the store, is our hero at the moment and we want to say a huge thank you to her (and an equally huge well done from Mrs P to Year 6 for using their persuasive skills to such good effect).

IMG_0291 (1).jpg