Practice or Practise?

We know when to use ‘practice’ and when to use ‘practise’ (don’t we, Year 6?!?).

In Year 6, we have been really busy and have been working very, very hard (like all Year 6 children around the UK!). We recently had a visit from Ms Egan, Mrs Clark and Ms Clayton from The Weald School, together with two former P&K pupils (Jasmine P and Emily H). We are really looking forward to most of our parents receiving letters from The Weald soon - we understand that these will contain important information about visit dates as well as information on which buses to take to school for our transition day ( Tuesday 25 June). Please note that Plaistow and Kirdford do NOT have information on these bus times or allocations so cannot assist with this. Please ensure your children know where to go and when in good time so that they feel prepared.. If you are confused or require further information, please contact The Weald School and they will happily assist ( Bus routes and information can be found at under ‘School Information’ and click on the ‘Bus Information’ tab on the right. If your child does not live near one of the bus routes, please organise your own transport arrangements for the day.

Also, please can parents of children who are NOT going to The Weald School please let Mrs Powell know (asap) the dates of their child’s school transition days to ensure she can plan for events properly.