BGT means ....BADGERS (have) GOT TALENT!!!

Wow!! Year 6 can sing and act!! Mrs Powell and Miss Clark conducted the auditions earlier this week and have been busy sorting out who we think is best for which role. This was REALLY tough because Badger Class have talent!

Children will be coming home on Friday with a sealed envelope containing details of their part, a copy of the script, possibly a CD with music, plus some information about costumes. We seal the envelopes and always ask children not to open them until they get home as we want to ensure people have time to take in the news calmly. I have explained to the class that, sadly, of course, not everyone can have a 'main' part but that everyone's contribution is vital to the success of our show. No one should feel remotely downhearted if they don't get the part they wanted - they have all done fabulously and we think this could be the best show yet!!