We've thoroughly embraced the snow today! While on the chilly side, children all wrapped up and managed to enjoy their play time outside. More snow is on the way and while we are don't intend to close school (and certainly don't want to!), we want families to be familiar with our procedures.

Why might we close because of weather?


Essentially, it comes down to safety. Normally, even in snow it is safe to open school. Pathways can be cleared and the school heated. It is the logistics of people getting to and from school that often causes the issues.

A significant number of children come on the coach. It may not be possible for the bus to get to our children and bring them to school. They may be able to transport children to school, but then not be able to take them home in the afternoon.

An additional element is that our staff come from a very wide area and the weather conditions where they live may be different to school's and it is not safe or practical for them to travel to school.

If there are not enough staff able to come to school, we would have to close.

What will school do?

Firstly, we will consult with the coach companies that bring children to school. If there is a disruption to their service, we will notify parents of this. If the coaches are not running, school may still be open. If the coaches aren't running in the morning, please ensure that you have the means of transporting your children home at the end of the school day. Where necessary, parents would be able to collect their children early.

If a coach company contacts us during the day to inform us that they will not be able to operate an afternoon service we will contact parents as soon as possible. This will be done via school comms email and text message. Children will be kept at school until a suitable adult is available to take them home.

What if school needs to close?

If we do make the decision to close school, we will making it as early in the morning as possible. We will inform parents and carers via school comms email and text message. We will also be putting a "We are closed" statement on our website. We will also be informing West Sussex County Council who will be updating their schools' information page. If you do not receive a text message or email, please assume school is open.

If you are in doubt, please phone the school office. Please note though that if school is closed, it may be that we don't have enough people to field calls as well as manage the school - if you are unable to get through, please try again.

Hopefully, none of this will be necessary. But if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either the school office or myself.

Warmest wishes,

Mr King