Pop art- By Rosie

In art we have been doing pop art! We looked at some pictures by Roy Lichtenstein and tried to make some of our own. We had to take a photo of ourselves; we could pick to have a photo with someone else if we wanted. After that we sketched the photo with some tracing paper. After we had done that we got a plain bit of paper. We scribbled neatly over the lines of the paper. Then we turned the paper over and drew over the lines. The lead that came off the pencil and printed on the paper. We then had a picture of ourselves. After we had to draw over the lines with a black pen. We then painted it and tried to make all the skin dotty. Can you guess who the people below are?


On Monday, in science we were learning about Leonardo Da Vinci. We talked about what he thought of body proportions and how he thinks ten lengths of your hands makes the length of your body .Or your arm span is also the same as the length of your body .We drew a table and measured each other .We measured our bodies and either your hand , arm span or your head . We decided that it was not always true but most of the time it is very close.

Tudor Clothes- by Luc

Miss Clark brought in some Tudor clothes to show us what they were like. Some of the children wore the clothes. One wore a hat, he looked like a beefeater and I think he was meant to be King Henry VIII. Another wore a French hood and another was a servant and he wore a floppy cap. We had to draw clothes from the Tudor times, I drew King Henry VIII. Did you know that you could only wear purple if you were royal?

The Kane Chronicles

Our class read for this term is The Kane Chronicles - The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. The children have made large pictures of 3 of the main characters and have labelled them. We have then stuck them onto our English Learning Wall.