Merci et Au Revoir Maurine!

On Friday we said a fond farewell to our Belgian visitor. Maurine really enjoyed visiting all of the Owls and says she really enjoyed the experience. Thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Jesse we really enjoyed dissecting owl pellets and then making yummy Belgian waffles as a goodbye treat! Maurine was an integral part of our class and we shall definitely miss her - we all wish her lots of luck in becoming a languages teacher back home dans Belgique!

Autumn Term 2018

Thank you to all of the families for making my first term here so fun!

It has been a pleasure to teach all the children and now that I have finally worked out how to blog, I shall aim to keep you all updated about the exciting goings on in class!

CLASS OF 2018-19

Class of 2018-19

Catapult Catastrophe!!

Today we created catapults out of sticks, tape, string and cones. Our main aim was to get the ball the furthest. Some of us managed to fling the ball some distance but for others it was a bit of a catastrophe! We all worked well in our teams and had a lot of fun!

Roman Shops

In Maths this week we have been learning about Roman numerals. Today we opened up our own shops selling items from our classroom. All the prices had to be written in Roman Numerals and we had to pay with the correct money. At the end we calculated how much money we had made. Click on the picture to see more.


Owl Class Solve the Mystery of the Missing Laptop

When we got in from break, we noticed that Miss Clark's laptop had gone missing. We also noticed that other items in the room had been moved. We dusted for fingerprints and collected fingerprints from other members of staff. When we got back from lunch we found a note on our board. We used chromatography to discover which ink had written the note. All our clues pointed towards Miss Dore. We went to her classroom and confronted her and she revealed where she had hidden the laptop.  Please click on the photo to look at more pictures of our day.


Today we held the trial of Goldilocks in our classroom. We took the parts of the defence barristers,  prosecution barristers, judge and jury. We also had the 3 bears as well as PC Plod as witnesses. After we had listened to all of the witnesses it was the jury's job to decide whether Goldilocks was guilty or not.


Maths Outside

Year 4 have been learning about decimals. As it was sunny, we took our lesson outside. On our whiteboards, we wrote a decimal number between 0 and 2. We had to place our numbers on the line in the correct spot. It was fun to be in the sun!

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2. Maths.JPG
3. Maths.JPG

Country Dancing

For the last couple of months we have been learning 10 country dances with Mrs Jesse and Miss Clark. The dancing is very fun but complicated. Today we learnt The Fireman's Dance which involved lots of switching places. We are looking forward to displaying our dances at Horsham Park with other schools in June.


New Life

Last week, we planted some pepper, courgette and squash seeds. We have given them lots of love to help them grow and watered the plants over the week. Today, we have begun to see new life and shoots appear. Eventually, when they are big enough we will plant them outside in the environmental area.