Art Week

This week, in Art Week, the Woodpeckers have been very busy! We’ve made pom-poms, done ink work, watercolour work, oil pastel work and even done some tie-dye- all on the theme of the Ocean. We also wrote some fantastic shape poems based on the ocean and presented them beautifully using watercolour paints.

Have a look at the slideshow of great pictures of our fun week below!

Plaistow Church

Today we took a walk down to the Holy Trinity Church in Plaistow, to learn all about its history; from when it was first built until today!

Reverend Pauline was kind enough to meet us there, with a resident of Plaistow of over 40 years! Together they talked to us about the history of the church and answered all of our questions!

Did you know the church in Plaistow is technically not a church? It is, in fact, a chapel of ease!

We want to say a big thank-you to the chapel for having us!



Play Rehearsals

It is a busy term for the Woodpeckers this term and we have been working hard despite the heat. We have been spending time rehearsing our play and the Woodpeckers are getting very good at their class song. Why not ask them to sing it to you and see if they can remember the words AND the actions!


It has been an exciting start to Sports Week in Woodpecker class and we really enjoyed having  a go at fencing. We learnt fencing positions, played games to practice them and even had a go with some foils. We had to wear protective equipment - a chest plate and  helmet - to keep us safe. We had a great time!


Beautiful creations

Do you remember the dandelions we were drawing a few weeks ago?

We have been practicing our skills and combined them with some beautiful watercolor paintings to create silhouette versions of ourselves, holding our dandelion!

Have a look at the finished pieces here:



Changing Shadows

We investigated what happens to shadows when we change how far away the light source is from the object. We made our own shadow puppets and then measured the size of the shadow it made when a torch was shone on it at different distances. We discovered that the further away the light source was the smaller the shadow!

Last Forest Schools of the year!

This week was our last visit to the forest on a Thursday afternoon for the year! We celebrated with a picnic in the woods, some good old fashioned campfire singing and we even made a cake!

Have a look at our photos :)

Next week we start football on Friday afternoons with Brighton and Hove Albion!



Times tables fun!

This week in maths, we've been talking about how important our times tables are to every different part of our maths understanding!

To help us learn our times tables we decided to write some of our own times tables songs, to the tune of our favourite songs! Can you guess what they are?

Sing along!


Making the most of the sun

This week in year three we enjoyed taking our learning into the sun and explored the seder plate  from the Passover. We are learning about signs and symbols are used in religion. This week we identified how the different foods from the Passover remind the Jewish people of when they left Egypt and slavery. We drew our own seder plates on the benches outside the classroom.

Jump Start Jonny!

This half term in PE we are learning about the muscles in our legs and arms. Each week we talk about new muscles and their jobs in our bodies.

To get our muscles ready for PE this week we warmed up to some of Jump Start Jonny's favourite songs!

Here we are in action!



In year 3 every week we have violin on a Tuesday.

Today we learnt to press down with are first finger.

Also we learnt some new notes hear are some: f sharp an A a c and down here is a picture.


Drawing dandelions!

Yesterday, in art, Year 3 were practising drawing dandelions, because the book we are reading in English is all about Christopher Nibble who eats dandelions.

We drew them in pencil first and then went over them in black pen.                                   

We were using the special pens to try and create a contrast between black and white.

Here are some photos of our drawings!


The Woodpeckers get experimenting!

This week the Woodpeckers were experimenting to find the best material to use to create a reflective strip for a book bag. This is important to keep us safe when walking home from school when it is dark. We used torches to test lots of materials and eventually decided that tin foil was the best because it was lightly coloured, very shiny and smooth. We had a lot of fun and recorded our results and explained why we chose the tin foil.