Year 2 - Hedgehog

Year Two is full of hardworking Hedgehogs!  Mrs Turner is the class teacher and is ably assisted by Mrs Stemp.  The main values that run through our room are kindness, good manners, tolerance and a great sense of humour!  As it is the last year in Key Stage 1, we work hard to ensure that the children are role models to the younger ones whilst also preparing them for becoming Juniors.  We encourage independence and organisation but are never too proud to ask for help and work as a team.

Our topics range from learning about life in Kenya and the Titanic to how life has changed since the Queen came to the throne in 1953, before finishing the year with a trip to Littlehampton.  We work hard but have fun along the way - a perfect balance that we hope the children continue to adopt throughout their school lives.


Class Teacher- Mrs turner

Mrs Turner is our Year 2 teacher.  She likes her classroom to be neat and tidy and is famous for her love of sticky labels and to-do lists!

Likes: Swimming, gardening, spending time with her family and eating chocolate.

Dislikes:Large spiders who mistake her home for their own and ironing.


Higher Level teaching assistant - MRs Stemp

Likes: A good G&T with ice and slice, spending time with my kids, hubby and Max the dog. Also, when I make a rubbish joke and only Mrs Turner gets it!

Dislikes: Pairing up socks, dabbing and glitter (it gets EVERYWHERE!)

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