Plaistow meets Plaistow

Plaistow and Kirdford Primary school wanted to forge a link with a similar school in ‘the other Plaistow’ for some years now and have succeeded in developing such a link with Selwyn Primary School in Plaistow, Newham, East London. We are delighted to welcome these visitors to our school every year and also enjoy our visits to see their school too. 

Children from year groups 1 to 6 spend a few hours at the school in Plaistow, West Sussex – the children play various ‘meet and greet’ games and are given a tour of the school by their peers. The visitors are often particularly excited about the playing field and the other outdoor facilities available. On one occasion when the Year 6 group visited, a huge game of 20-a-side football took place on the field! After a shared lunch, the visitors are all taken on a walk around the village, a look at our one and only village shop, Plaistow Stores, and a stroll through the woods.

Plaistow london school.jpeg

Mrs Fairweather, the then Acting Head teacher, and Mrs Powell, the Year 6 teacher, arranged for some Plaistow and Kirdford classes to make return visits to East London in the spring term, 2015.  These visits  also included a tour of the area surrounding Selwyn Primary School, enabling our pupils to make a clear comparison between the two localities. Everyone hugely enjoyed meeting people from a very different part of the country and the children were quickly able to overcome any differences and forge new friendships.  It was lovely for all the children and adults to meet one another and find that we had so much in common and could learn so much from one another. We are very hopeful that this is the start of a wonderful friendship between the two schools.