Physical Education led by miss dore

P.E. contributes much to the development of the whole child, both physically and mentally, as well as influencing their self-esteem. The school provides a range of challenging activities such as gymnastics, athletics, dance, swimming and games. Both the co-operative and competitive aspects of physical activity have their place in the curriculum.

Children have the opportunity to represent their class, house and school at individual and team sports. Extra-curricular opportunities are also provided through various in-house and externally run clubs.

Through PE teaching we aim to provide opportunities for pupils to be physically active and to develop a healthy attitude and life style; to promote healthy physical development and the improvement of coordination; to encourage the enjoyment of physical activities; to develop confidence and competence, building on and extending existing skills and abilities, encouraging the ability to evaluate and modify personal performance; to foster group co-operation and interpersonal skills; to develop an appreciation of creative performance; to develop an understanding of “fair play” and respond to both success and failure; to encourage an awareness of safe practices and the necessity of observing rules; to be aware of the need for personal hygiene.

Swimming is taught in Year 3 in the autumn term. Parents are asked to contribute to the cost of transport and swimming lessons which are held at the Billingshurst Leisure Centre. The school has formed a partnership with Brighton and Hove Football Club who provide an after school club and also teach part of the PE curriculum throughout Key Stage Two.