Information around modern Newsletter process

This is a test page designed to demonstrate the process of using a modern email newsletter service. The service is a core part of how the SquareSpace website platform and is included in our normal subscription.

When you come onto this page you should see a popup asking for your email address if you would like to subscribe to our newsletters. In practice, this popup will occur on the home page.

It will add an entry to the newsletter mailing list which is then used to distribute future communications. As part of the sign-up process, parents will be asked to verify their email address, just like signing up to any other common service and will then be included in the next newsletter round.

This mailing list can also be used to send adhoc communications too, such as invites, highlighting blog posts, events, etc.

Our plan is to trial this approach, in conjunction with the comms committee and key stakeholders over the next month or so and look to replace the manually generate PDF which is set out on a weekly basis and then uploaded onto the website.

Key benefits for this approach include….

Create a more engaging experience for the parent

  • Make it more readable on mobile devices and ipad where we know most parents view the website from (newsletter format is mobile friendly)

  • Make it easy to point parents towards the correct resource e.g. links or buttons to email the right part

Focus on reducing newsletter admin for P&K office

  • Reduce potential impact on office of parents adding and removing email recipients and adding/withdrawing consent by shifting it directly to parents

  • Mitigate risks of GDPR related workload of adding and removing consent

  • Use industry std was of managing and validating user subscription to newsletters

Help the school effectively manage comms

  • Drive traffic towards the website as the single source of truth

  • Demonstrate control of mailing lists and show how we can assess what % of newsletters, etc are opens and links followed to assess impact

  • Co-contribution of content – e.g. office and Charlie with a single option to publish – ie work in parallel not in serial

  • Option to remove cost of school Comms software – particularly if the parent-lite app used in paralel