Mathematics - Led by Mrs Powell

We follow the guidance of the National Curriculum in our teaching of this area of the curriculum.

The aims of the curriculum are to help children to make sense of their environment and the world in which they live; to create a basis for mathematical study, making use of knowledge and skills in practical tasks and real-life situations; to encourage the awareness of the contributionmathematics has made and is making to our civilisation; to encourage the use of mathematics as a means of communication, in pursuing a line of enquiry, devising tests, analysing and interpreting results and recording and presenting findings and to encourage an enjoyment and interest in mathematics for its own sake. Pupils are taught to use and apply mathematics throughout their work in Number, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics, Ratio and Proportion and Algebra. The school uses a variety of resources that provides a comprehensive and thorough basis for the work undertaken. Children are given differentiated work appropriate to their needs.

We hope that the growing understanding of mathematical concepts, reinforced by practical methods, marries with our basic objective to produce pupils who have a firm and broadly based understanding of the fundamental processes. We feel that there is a place for rapid recall of tables and other number information to support mental and basic computation. Any work that parents do to support us in this is much appreciated and the more practical situations that a child can experience that require mathematical thinking, the better.

Helpful Maths Booklets 

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