Charging and Remissions

As a general rule, the school makes no charge for activities or equipment, but invites parents to make voluntary contributions in certain circumstances.

Voluntary contributions will be sought to cover the costs of trips and visits or visitors of educational value. It will always be made clear to parents that there is no obligation to pay but in certain circumstances it may be that the activity could not go ahead unless all parents who were able to contribute, were willing to do so.

Optional extras, e.g. theatre visits out of school hours, will be charged on the basis of cost.

The parents of pupils in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit, Disability Allowance or income based Jobseeker’s Allowance may qualify for assistance. The Headteacher/School Business Manager will be available to discuss such issues in confidence.

The school does operate a savings scheme for residential visits.

If any parent experiences difficulty they should contact the Head teacher. Special arrangements or alternative methods of payment may be available.

To see our Charging and Remissions Policy please refer to our Policies Page.